An Important Number During Our Honeymoon

We took a MSC cruise on the Mediterranean for our honeymoon. Ge got our own table(723)for our 10 days cruise and Luiza was our server all the time. At the end of our trip we loved Luiza and it was sad to say goodbye. We learned a little bit about her and why she was doing that job. She is a single mom and her mom take care of her daughter so she can provide for them. The way she talked about her daughter was so inspiring and full of emotions and sadness because of the distant between them.
When I reflect on things like this, I have to recognize how bless I am. Also makes me think more reasons for loving travel. When you travel you have the opportunity to meet amazing people, with different cultures but with the same needs that we all have. 
Get inspired to travel, balance your life with amazing experiences, and find a number in your travels that will inspire a whole new story. 😉
7 Pipes

Juanito and his number 2 shirt.
One Mosque in Morroco
Lisbon: One 25 Abril bridge.
Many people walking the street of Genoa, Italy.
Just the 2 of us! Genoa, Italy.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers
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Our Little Adventure at Little Talbot Island State Park

 When we think of the word adventure we might think of an extraordinary experience that have to be plan. Maybe we think that going in an adventure is something very expensive. Sometimes you might think that you have a boring life because you don’t have time or the money to go in an adventure. 

An adventure could take some many shapes and forms, all depend on you. An adventure doesn’t have to be big, or expensive or super plan. An adventure is anything that takes you out of your comfort zone, of your routine and put you in a place and position that you are doing something different. Could be for few hours only, or could be close to home… Also could be in the other side of the planet and would last 2 weeks, or more. If you ask me I would take the adventure on the other side of the world and please that last more than a month. But I can’t do that kind of adventure to often, at least no more than I want. I learned to have little adventures, weekends adventures, Saturday adventures.
Check out our little adventure in Jacksonville FL (close to home) ,during a Saturday afternoon.
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Thing to do at Discovery Cove

One day, so much money and so much to do. When you pay a lot of money for a ticket to a park or for an attraction you want to take advantage as much as you can of that attraction to recover the value of what you pay. At the end of the day you want to feel that it was all worth it.

Three years ago we went to Discovery Cove and for a misunderstand information we were not able to enjoy the buffet lunch that was included with the price. When we went to eat after swimming with the Dolphins, at that time the buffet was closed. Even though the park closed at 5 pm but you have until 3:00 to eat, but that was our time to swim with the Dolphins. Anyway we were really disappointed, but I can not deny that we had a great time with the Dolphin experience. After that, my husband always wanted to go back, he wanted for us to enjoy the whole experience.

So we did! This time we want en to enjoy it all. We had a great time, Jorge and I know have to have fun together. We started with breakfast which is just a regular buffet, nothing of the ordinary, but it was ok. And we went for a swim at the lazy river. The water was so soothing and warm, specially that day because it was windy and cool so feeling the warm water was very nice.







Along the way while we were going down the “paradise jungle” we encounter some friendly locals…









Then they playful otters! They are adorable! Later we swam with sting rays and fishes at freezing temperatures (at least for me. Here check out a little bit of what we did.






Then we saw these two… Don’t ask me what kind of game they are playing.

This year we didn’t swim with the Dolphins but we enjoyed seen other people having fun with the gentle creatures.




To end our full Discovery Cove experience we went to have lunch much earlier than the last time. It is so sad for me to share this, but I hated the food… 😦

We were looking forward to enjoy a great lunch, all that we could eat. Well unfortunately I tried almost all the options and didn’t like any of them. The selection that they have look like frozen food cooked in the microwave. I eat that every day at work for lunch, I didn’t need one more day of it, specially after the amount of money that you pay to go here. That lunch event almost ruin my day, I was so disappointed, I guess I didn’t miss much last time.


Discovery Cove is a one time nice experience. If you are with your loved ones you can make the best of it. But please don’t have high expectations with the food. But that is just my opinion.

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Exciting News and a Win-Win Situation!


I am happy to announce that I can help anybody on creating their own travel stories! And even better, this will help me create my own travel stories to share with you on my blog!!

I decided to become a travel consultant! I been thinking about this for months now and finally made my decision. Travel is one my passions, I want to see with my own eyes the beauty of this world and cultures. But lately has been difficult to do that with my full-time job and other responsibilities. Also we just bought a house and you may know all the expenses that comes with that. I am in need of an extra income that eventually I want to convert in my main source of income.


What a team we are going to be my husband and me! A pilot and a travel consultant, I think we will be well equipped to help you with your travel and tourist needs :).

I am in the process of getting my certification at this very moment. Soon I will be announcing and sharing my website that I will link with my blog. Now you see why is a win-win situation! I help you, you help me, we both travel and I can write more stories! And if you are a blogger or a travel writer even better you will have your own stories to write 😉

Well until then, I need to go back to study!

xamlinnette 🙂

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Random Pictures of Barcelona

One of the things that I couldn’t enjoy in our bike trip was the city. We were in such a rush, my mind was only focusing on keeping up with my group. Every time we stopped to wait for people or for the tour guide give some kind of explanation, I just took pictures. Thanks God I did… But I can’t remember everything we did, or were we where.


Here is Barcelona through my camera… randomly 🙂







A High Shool





Cristobal Colon Monument



















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