A Special Greeting for Anytime of the Year, Express Yourself Through a Movie Clip!

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I invite you to read my new article! You can find a new way of sending greeting cards for all kind of occasion.  We are in holiday season, what a great time to try this new way of expressing your self! Check it out! Hope you like it.

A Special Greeting for Anytime of the Year, Express Yourself Through a Movie Clip!.love-actually-to-me-you-are-perfect

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Our Condolences to the Disney Family

Disneyland CastleOur condolences to the Disney family, a great loss for them. Did you know that she was one of the inspirations for the magical Disneyland and World Disney World. Check my article, Remembering One of the Greatest Inspirations for Disneyland-Diane Disney Miller.

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Writing and my surroundings


The day is vanishing away , while I sit and meditate of what I want to write today. While sitting in my screen balcony that face the parking lot, with my hands on the key board, waiting for the right thoughts to flush over me, I can hear the electrical fence opening and closing every time somebody returns home. Again, I try to focus, but its getting dark, even though the sky still have some blue mix with some red-orange clouds, my porch is in need of some illumination. I stand up and turn on a string of lights that hangs in the left wall of my balcony. In reality they don’t give much light, but I like them because it gives me a felling of romantic outdoor moment, that’s until I hear a car speed up, making a louder noise than the other travelers that pass by my condominium. That takes me back to the reality, that my iPad screen still empty.

I sit back on my patio chair to think and refocus, while I laid back, it feels pretty comfortable even though the cushions tends to falls between the spaces of the base. Now it’s getting darker and a little bit more “quiet”, what I mean, is that at this moment the neighbor that was on the phone almost in front of my apartment, left, so my thoughts don’t have to compete with his conversation anymore. While the darkness settles, the temperature its at its best, I can see the palm in front of my porch, slightly moving its wide branch, softly. The trees across the parking lot are also having their own slow dance with the melody of the wind, so soft that they are barely moving, you wont notice unless you pay attention.

Going back to my business, now the only bright light in my porch is coming from my iPad. Beside the sound of my fingers against the key board, the cars coming in and out, the traffic passing by the avenue, the loud music from a distant car, I can hear the engines from some airplanes trying to make their way to the airport that its close by. After an hour out here, all the sounds are mixed like one big soothing song. I am writing despite of everything that is happening around me until I hear that peculiar and specific text message tone that I assign to my Jorge, suddenly the soothing song breaks up again in different sounds, too many now to over come, thanks God I finished with my writing, I going inside now, lay on my bed and answer my loves text.

xamlinnette 🙂