Behind the Doors Of My Travels

The curiosity of what is behind every culture, every country, every person, lies behind the doors of their houses, business, churches and more.

Alora, Spain
At the time we were passing by this door⬆️ in Alora it was 2pm. All business were closed. Culture at its major splendor! They take a break in the middle of the day. Everybody rest and open their doors for business again, later in the afternoon.
Casablanca, Morroco
The things that happens inside a room, the stories that will develop will start once you get in and close the door. Families in the world are different but the same at the same time. 
Behind that ⬆️ door is the library of the Parliament of Canada, the only survivor part of the 1916 fire. That door witness the tragic burn of the rest of the building. History and memories hold between a door.
A church in Barcelona

Lisbon, Portugal



I wonder how many rich people had walk through that door⬆️ in France? How how many enter to apply for a house loan? Or how many went through that door to withdraw the last penny on its account? I just wonder?

This corner apartment is for rent in Old San Juan Puerto Rico. How many families have lived here? Can you imagine the stories that door hold inside? 
When you travel you will encounter a different story in every door that you go through. That’s fascinating! So let’s travel more and start a new travel story when you go through the airport doors!
Until then,
xamlinnette 🙂
Discover Challenge 

Cap Canaille in Cassis, France

One of the highlights of Marseille is its Calanques. They are rock formations that forms narrow, steep-walled inlets with crystal blue water. Some of this Calanques are only accessible by boat. 
We were visiting the region of Cassis part of Marseille. We traveled through these rocky mountains until we arrived at Cassis. We stroll around the picturesque little town full of color. The market was open and the streets were full of people. We walked to the beach, looked to our left, and there it was this giant rock. Is the highest sea cliff of France and we were able to touch it.
Cap Canaille is one of many Calanques in the South of France.
In the above map you can see the many Calanques. If you like hiking or rock climbing this are perfect places to do so. Another thing you can do is take a boat to the ones that are only accessible by this method, you can find a kayak tour too. The water is so clear! And what about the gorgeous scenery of blue water and high cliff rocky mountains? It will take your breath away.
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xamlinnette 🙂
Daily Prompt: Mountain

Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant


Here we have a vibrant memory of my visit to Marseilles, France. It was a Friday morning, the day that the market is in all its splendor with its vibrant colors everywhere. The street was full of tourist and locals.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant


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xamlinnette 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange you glad it´s photo challenge time?

When I saw the photo weekly challenge for this week  for a moment a wondered if I had any pictures that I could share.


Looking through my albums I saw the beautiful sunset that the skies gave to us when we were leaving Lisbon, Portugal on our honeymoon cruise.


Then I saw this flower that I photograph in Marseille, France and for some reason today the orange ones and the bag  stand out  more than normal. 😉

And what about this single flower that we encounter in Quebec by the Montmorency Falls, check out the beauty of its center…


Or the memories of our first cruise, that for some reason I got an orange bus on the pic.


What about this this kind of soft orange reflection of light in Evora’s Cathedral in Portugal.

And no doubt about the kayak that we use on our tour on Florida water.

So, I guess I did have some pics to share, I could share some more if I want to be creative and bring up all kind of orange shades that I could find in my pics.

Well, until then


Outdoor Market in Cassis, France


Situated around 13 miles east of Marseille,Cassis is a picturesque fishing town. A small village full of color and life. It’s surrounded by huge mountains that forms risks called “calanques”. Intense blue color of water kisses the rocky/sandy beach.




Besides all the beauty that you can enjoy and absorb while visiting this cute village, if you go on Wednesday or Friday from 8am – 1pm you can also shop for a local treat.





The out-door market will be waiting for you. Full of color, sweet treats, spices, olives, scarves, shoes, and much more. You can also sit and enjoy a coffee by the harbor while seeing a colorful display of boats or watch people trying to get a good deal on the market.












If you feel a little bit more adventurous you can swim the clear blue water of the beach or just sit and enjoy the view.






Or you can pretend to be the hand of God. 😉

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂