St. Lucia, First Mission Trip

At the beginning of the year my daughter told me her desire of participating this year in a mission trip with the youth of our church. After that, we start asking for donations, we open an account with GoFundMe, I used all my social media connections ( including my blog) to acknowledge every one of my contacts about my daughter’s mission trip. I wanted it to find sponsors for her. I couldn’t afford the expenses on my own, but I did everything in my power to support her, not only because I love her and I love traveling but more because the cause behind this kind of traveling have a major meaning. This kind of traveling is a service to others in need, is a trip to be humble, it’s an eye-opening experience, is to spread good news and hope.

I am so thankful for those that helped us that I want to share a little bit of what she and her group did in St Lucia. Listen to my daughter speak of her experience is the most rewarding feelings, it moves my heart in indescribable ways.   I can’t write you about something that I didn’t experience myself, so I gather few pictures of what they share with me and made a video of their process starting a little bit before they left.  The pictures and little video before they left are mine, the other pics are not mine own. She came back of her trip wanting to change the world! Definitely it was an experience that help the youth see the world in a different way.

Also further down is another video that one of the missionaries did. I hope you enjoy this and be happy that we still have young people who are willing to give their heart for good causes, like missions.

My daughter Jadzia sharing Good News!


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Traveling Through Motherhood!

Once you become a mother, a parent, life change and your journey in life suddenly have another meaning, another purpose besides your own. Now the success of your children become your success, their happiness, your happiness. I love to travel its one of the most incredible feeling of discovering new things and places (even others already discovered) but its your unique experience what it make it so amazing. I think it is the same when you travel through motherhood. Lots of people has gone through this experience before, with the ups and downs, but nothing is as amazing as your own experience with your own children.

I want to share with you one of the most amazing moments in my life. On this past Friday May 31 my first born graduated from High School. It is one of the most rewarding moments in this trip of motherhood, seen that everything you have done (the time, the love, the discipline, the prayers, the nights, the tears, your heart) its been all worth it. I now still a lot more to go. My mom says that once you enter in this path of motherhood , you are going to be traveling forever, never ends no matter how old they become. That means that the next destination is preparing him for adulthood, to be a good man and a great citizen!






My journey as a mother is not done, we are just changing destination. I am a proud mother and a happy one! Still I have one more to go through this process of High School… two more years to go!

Until then…

xamlinnette 🙂