How TravelmyStories was born?


Before I ever dream about travelmyStories, long time ago everything started with a divorce, no cable in my new place, Rick Steve, and a notebook where I started to write how I felt to let all my frustrations out.

I learned that from every bad experience something good come out of it. My circumstances back then,sure didn’t look any good. After my divorce my budget was limited. I didn’t have cable TV on my little apartment. The weekends that my kids were with their dad, I watched public TV. There was Rick Steve for me all weekend…literally. I didn’t have anything else to see, PBS was the only thing I had, and for some reason during the weekends the Rick Steve programs were on all they long. At the begin it was a whatever moment for me, but later I started dreaming and traveling with Rick Steve every weekend. 
At the same time I learned to love writing, when writing was my only way to express my troubles of that time. Without noticing my writings looked like poems or romantic thoughts. They had some kind of rhythm. I share them with some people. I continue writing songs, stories for church dramas and more. One day a friend of mine ask me why I didn’t write a blog. The rest is history. I took a while to be what it is now, but that is how everything started,that is the origin of my blog.
Now, how I combine that with the travel side of Travelmystories?
Traveling stayed in my mind like a dream. I thought it was going to be impossible for me to travel, as a single mom and two kids. I didn’t see it happening. Still I tried to explore a little close to home (Florida). Vacation has always be a big deal to me even if we “travel” around the corner. Then I met my husband, a pilot that loved traveling but didn’t do it much because didn’t want to do it alone. 
Together we filled each others empty spaces and we travel. 
TravelmyStories still a dream, because I can’t yet travel as much as I want, still a dream because I still not inspiring to travel all the people I want. Still a dream because I can’t quit my job yet. But that is the reason I became a travel agent, and that is how travelmystories is my little travel agency as well. That is the origin of 

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An Important Number During Our Honeymoon

We took a MSC cruise on the Mediterranean for our honeymoon. Ge got our own table(723)for our 10 days cruise and Luiza was our server all the time. At the end of our trip we loved Luiza and it was sad to say goodbye. We learned a little bit about her and why she was doing that job. She is a single mom and her mom take care of her daughter so she can provide for them. The way she talked about her daughter was so inspiring and full of emotions and sadness because of the distant between them.
When I reflect on things like this, I have to recognize how bless I am. Also makes me think more reasons for loving travel. When you travel you have the opportunity to meet amazing people, with different cultures but with the same needs that we all have. 
Get inspired to travel, balance your life with amazing experiences, and find a number in your travels that will inspire a whole new story. 😉

7 Pipes

Juanito and his number 2 shirt.

One Mosque in Morroco

Lisbon: One 25 Abril bridge.

Many people walking the street of Genoa, Italy.

Just the 2 of us! Genoa, Italy.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic


On my new adventure as a Travel Agent I always have to come up with new ideas of how to promote my business. Last week TravelmyStories participated on a wedding show, looking for brides in need of help with their honeymoon. Every time we set up a table like this, we have to be optimistic that we will find somebody that will need our services. That our business will make somebody happy and less stressful with their new life preparations.



We are optimistic that we can help create memories, moments and travel stories that will last forever.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

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Christmas Presentation: “Christmas In My Country”

I been busy for the last two weeks with our Christmas presentation “Navidad En Mi Pais” (Christmas In My Country). Finally last night we had our first presentation, on Sunday we will repeat it.

For me is always an honor to work with great people, committed to bring the best. The play is in Spanish but still I wanted to share with you few pics of our rehearsals, some from last night and a link of the participation of our youth (super cool).

The preparation for this presentation was keeping me from blogging, but it was a great cause.

Our play is about a puertorrican family that lives in US and every year they get together with friends that lives here too, but they are from another country. They get together to celebrate Christmas bringing something to share from their country with everybody on a karaoke night.

The main message is that doesn’t matter how we celebrate our Christmas traditions on any part of the world we are honoring the same baby Jesus and the hope that He brought to this world.

Here are some pics of our last rehearsal.













Check out this video of our youth participating in the “karaoke Night”


Here are more pictures of the actual play. I didn’t take these pics, I was directing the play and is impossible for me to be doing so many things at the same time while the play is running. But at least you can see how many people we had on stage in one presentation. We had some singing, dancing, acting, kids, youth, the choir and much more, all of that we a touch of comedy.






Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂