My Ponce PR Gallery

Treat every experience like a gallery of precious moments. We went to Ponce, PR only for one day. Twenty four hours of concentrated fun for me and my husband. We sat by the pool and relax, walk at the beach, enjoyed the company of few birds and iguanas and the best part we ate like royalty.

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xamlinnette 🙂

Let’s do a Close-up at the Ordinary Things

I am a fan of details, of the things that we don’t see if we don’t pay attention to them. When we are traveling, as tourists we miss a lot of details of the wonderful places we visit because we are in a hurry or in a tight schedule. Thanks God for cameras and photography! It allowed us to look back at the pictures and notice the details that we missed.

I love this picture⬆️! Two things, the tongue and the feather on the beak. 
Funny thing about the picture above is that I was working and the guy decided to stopped in my hand to rest. I grab my iPhone with my other hand and took the picture. When I looked at it I was surprise how it looks like it’s looking at me.
This is a very tall tower, the zoom in bottom allowed me to see the monkeys and Adam and Eve.
What do you think about the droplets on this sunflower? It’s fascinating!
Check out all the things they have in this market!
The details of a door in Morocco.
My advise is to carry a camera everywhere you go, specially when you travel. You would be fascinated by the things you will discover later on when you look at your pictures. Search for those details, they are there waiting to be discover by you.
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xamlinnette 🙂
Weekly Photo Challenge: Details


Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic


On my new adventure as a Travel Agent I always have to come up with new ideas of how to promote my business. Last week TravelmyStories participated on a wedding show, looking for brides in need of help with their honeymoon. Every time we set up a table like this, we have to be optimistic that we will find somebody that will need our services. That our business will make somebody happy and less stressful with their new life preparations.



We are optimistic that we can help create memories, moments and travel stories that will last forever.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

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xamlinnette 🙂


My Own Paradise

Its been months without traveling. Busy with the Easter play that was taking all my time and the little time that I had left I was unpacking and working in my new house. I didn’t want to have this two events at the same time but sometimes things just get out of my control. After two intense weeks this past Saturday I was able to have some peace and enjoyment on my own paradise.



By the way the Easter play was a wonderful success! We touch many hearts with a very deep subject “depression” and how there is hope! If you can understand Spanish I encourage you to visit our church website and see it online it will be post it until 4/11/15


Until then!

xamlinnette 🙂


More Details of Life

Right now I am on a stage of my life that my travel and touristy life is on hold. We are in a process of buying a house which we supposed to had closed the deal 3 weeks ago  but didn’t happened. The process has been more complicated that we expected or that was predicted to us. So imagine for a second how my little apartment might look right now. If you can’t imagine I will explain. There are boxes everywhere, some full and some closed, others empty waiting to been filled, some others that were close, I had to open them because I was needing to use things that were already packed. The apartment is small, there are four of us and a cat with boxes everywhere…  Is a mess :/

Our  lives are on hold because of this. We need to move first,  for us to be able to do some changes, buying things ( washer, dryer, furniture…) , change my daughter’s school , my son be able to look for a job in the new area and so on. But we can’t because we don’t have an official new address.

In the mind time I have to focus in other things while the time passes. That is why  I am taking advantage of the subject I talked  about the other day (DETAILS).  Sometimes life push us to see the simple beauty of life, to enjoy the little moments that we have with love ones even if is at home, with boxes and everything else.

We live in Florida and one of the “little things” that we can enjoy even at home is the warm weather, so we went to the hot tub of the condominium for a little bit in the afternoon. And then I decided again to take a close look to things that are so blended with normality that we overlooked them.

When I finish my wandering on the courtyard I found the hubby with his phone on one of my flip-flop and watching a video. 🙂

I love this cute moments that we enjoyed together.


Until then,

Hopefully moved to my new home… With more stories to tell.

xamlinnette 🙂