Details of Life

Sometimes we describe life as a rollercoaster because has its ups and downs. Also we can say that goes fast and in a blink of an eye and an event happens, Β again and again (birthdays, meetings, parties, the pass of the week). But if we get off of that rollercoaster and get a magnifying glass we are going to be able to see things of life, DETAILS that are there but we don’t notice them because of the fast speed that we are living our lives.

In my intent of slowing down the other day during my lunch time I wanted to focus in something “insignificant” in something that normally I would not pay attention to. And this is what I found…

Amaze by the texture of these little cones on the top of the roof of my car. They were sitting there as many other pieces of leaves and little trees debris. I would never payed attention to them if I didn’t make a decision of taking a closer look.

Look at the green part of these flower buds, they are hairy! But you would never tell if you were sitting in my car. The flowers are part of a bush at my job parking lot. They look insignificant from the distance, the flowers are small.

I found a little flower open, but what caught my attention was the green leaf behind the flower. The lower part of the leaf, closer to the flower is wet and the rest is dry. It may not make sence to you why I am pointing this out, but for me it makes a point of how many things we are missing out of life because we don’t stop to pay attention to them.

Life its amazingly beautiful and we should stop to take a look at its beauty, at its details Β and maybe we will notice that everything was so perfectly design. The world is a piece of art.

Until then,

xamlinnette πŸ™‚