Things I Like

coffee 2In the mornings after pulling myself out of bed, with my eyes half closed and my stomach rumbling, I finish brushing my teeth and the next thing I do is coffee. Usually in any regular week day, I have it with raising bread toasts and pieces of mozzarella cheese (during weekends I prepare a whole full breakfast).  Here I will share few thing that I enjoy greatly, one of those things that really is a must in my life, almost a ritual, is my coffee.

cup coffee 1

I love coffee anytime of the day, even though I usually drink only one cup of coffee in a regular day.   That one cup of coffee have to be in the morning with breakfast, I can’t have only coffee and then eat breakfast, it have to be together. This particular thing about coffee in the morning with breakfast is funny to me now because Jorge (my love) used to drink one cup of coffee first thing in the morning and then eat breakfast later on, with another cup of coffee.  For me that was the weirdest thing ever, I want to eat my breakfast and coffee together because I always, well 97% of the time I wake up hungry.  If I drink the coffee first it will take the hunger away… and I loved breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.   Well, like I was saying, it is funny because Jorge now it’s like me!! jaja! He wants his coffee with breakfast! I am a great influence ;D

image5.jpg  Another thing that I like is that Jorge love coffee too!

my porchOther thing that I love is screen porches. I love my screen porch because it gives me the mix of being at home and at the same time been outside.  Now mixing breakfast with my favorite part of the house is just super for me, but when I am with my Jorge having breakfast in my porch  it’s just perfect! 🙂  Actually, we enjoy any meal better, when we sit at the porch to eat. It is our “little gateway” in our own home.

Other things that I like…

travel the worldTRAVELING!!! This travel bug is really consuming my mind in a daily basis. I want and dream about in 3 to 5 years be able to quit my job and have the freedom of going anywhere I want… For now is a dream but I would not lose faith!



cropped-wpid-photo-201405021515582.jpgThe Beach! I am absolutely crazy about the outdoors, specially the beach. The breeze caressing my face, the sweet kisses of the sun, and my toes exploring the sand. The sound of the waves singing in my ears, telling to stay for ever, the thought of staying few more hours to say goodbye to the sun. Receive with my blanket all the heavens stars and fall sleep in Jorge’s arm… Love the beach… what else I could say!


Taking pictures! I love to have my camera at all times with me. I am always looking for a good picture moment. I love to capture great memories, but one of my favorite things to photograph is nature and wildlife  and of course my travels.

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