Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange you glad it´s photo challenge time?

When I saw the photo weekly challenge for this week  for a moment a wondered if I had any pictures that I could share.


Looking through my albums I saw the beautiful sunset that the skies gave to us when we were leaving Lisbon, Portugal on our honeymoon cruise.


Then I saw this flower that I photograph in Marseille, France and for some reason today the orange ones and the bag  stand out  more than normal. 😉

And what about this single flower that we encounter in Quebec by the Montmorency Falls, check out the beauty of its center…


Or the memories of our first cruise, that for some reason I got an orange bus on the pic.


What about this this kind of soft orange reflection of light in Evora’s Cathedral in Portugal.

And no doubt about the kayak that we use on our tour on Florida water.

So, I guess I did have some pics to share, I could share some more if I want to be creative and bring up all kind of orange shades that I could find in my pics.

Well, until then



4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange you glad it´s photo challenge time?

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  1. Love these pictures so much. My favorite is of Evora’s Cathedral. That is simply gorgeous, and it looks so serene. Thanks for sharing!

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