What kind of Hawk?




Red-shouldered Hawk or Broad-winged Hawk?


I think is the Red-shouldered but some people at work think is the Broad-winged… I used BirdSnap www.birdsnap.com to identify the bird. It’s a pretty cool website (also comes in app for the phone) that have a visual recognition tool, with a picture of the bird the tool can identify the bird or give you some possible options. The tool will scan your photo, the eye of the bird and its tail need to be visual and clear for the visual recognition tool could work.

So, Birdsnap pull up this two types of bird and after reading more about the description of the birds I got to my own conclusion… Red-shoulder hawk, but of course I am far, far, far from been an expert in birds.

disregarding his true identity, this guy come to visit almost everyday at lunch time by my work. I been lucky to get a good side of him. The first day I saw him came with a lizard in his beak to the tree branch on the above pic. After he ate it, I took that picture. Here are some more…





To finish I got a little video, it’s a little shaky put you can appreciate the bird’s elegance! If you know his true identity, feel free to share it with me!


Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂










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