Dream with Me! Dreaming with the South Coast of Portugal

20140226-150749.jpgTo plan my next big trip, first I have to dream about it. It’s not official yet, it is just in my head for now…I would like to go back to Portugal, this time to visit the south coast. In my dream I want to rent a car and drive all the coastline from Lisbon to at least Faro, so that  includes but not limit Sagres, Lagos, Albuferia and Faro. In other words all the Algarve region. If we do this trip will be at the end of the year, maybe October or November 2014.

Meanwhile, see why I am dreaming about this!

Azores PortugalFaro PortugalAlbufeira PortugalSagres PortugalSagresThe End Of the World Sagres

I only can sigh at this views. My heart beats faster…jaja! I need a vacation! Until then lets dream of our next “newstory”.


xamlinnette 🙂

Praia da Marinha, Algarve, Portuga

Lagos AlgarvePortuguese_beach_Algarve



5 thoughts on “Dream with Me! Dreaming with the South Coast of Portugal

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  1. Yes, it’s all this and more! 🙂 I like the Eastern Algarve which has a very different nature but you can only do so much driving. Better to stop and look. 🙂

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